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I'm not on the pill but my teacher did not teach again, a tall man letters Chknm
Keeper of the Great Khwaja Shiraz (Rahmah of Allah against) the bits we've heard over and over. In some versions of Khwaja Court instead of the word "friend", the word "friend" has been used. Indeed, if you were alive today, protectors, how to read the bits? And "stature" in the House of Who Knew? "Friend" or "ally"? Nowadays if Khwaja Wrappers "tall friend" is read and if the community does not protest "tall man" she could not praise. There is basically no difference whether either one of those two ...
Was wrong, but literary-social contract between individuals, society has accepted it wrong? Contract literary-social-contract unwritten convention between members of the community, so that by mistake the words or phrases a person, whether natural or juridical, damage, whether material or spiritual, see, people around the contract where words and phrases Thread constitute the contract itself will develop two approaches, either personally or mistakes do not accept and agree to be corrected according to their scientific immediate community of other people, whether or comply with the correction applied to Browsing time, that this category of persons usually resident scholars and general literature constitute or mistakes of words and phrases in common use are wrong, then all are used without another person CRITICISM.EXE that this bunch of persons without looking Ghrzy they constitute general population and the literary-social contract is the common Ghlthay.
 Finally, the difference between the word "friend" and "ally" in Hafez, some scholars have ordered "tall man" read "a" in the word "friend" is a tale of love and thought the keeper of tall stature, straight and firm "Sweetheart," it adds objectivity. Regardless of whether you "love stature" read unforgivable abuses in the preservation of the literature of this land, especially the sweet taste bah Khwaja Shiraz (Rahmah of God) has made ??a mistake, however, scholars and the literati Shvbym but not wrong John persons deprived of life, not a right unjustly, nor honor the person who is dumped not guilty ruling. But if the same bits with separate visions of the words "friend" and "friend," a court document for deprivation of life or liberty of the citizens? The contract is open-literary society condones it? Undoubtedly their response that dominated the life of the contracts are unwritten life, property, freedom, dignity and their rights have been adversely dear count, distinguish this important aspect in the selection and appointment Reset the correct vocabulary words in the context of equations that way or another, directly or through the safeguard of human rights and the guarantee of life, property, freedom, and dignity of all of them have different attacks.
Law is among those sciences that Mntvq and meaning of words and phrases that are of major importance, life, property, freedom, dignity and rights of natural and legal persons in control of its effects. In a ruling issued by the competent court may, knowingly or unknowingly, due to official negligence or typist, words in the words used and the cause of adhering parties to provide special attention to Mntvq literal meaning of the words he and incompatible wrote the statute, the appeals court overturns the lower Issuing led eventually attracted the ruler of First Instance sentenced to death and is mutually Guilty ruling. What is not in doubt that it is not exactly rare, but it has been observed that Mnvnh respected judicial system does not detract anything from the wisdom of the judges. If that is not an infallible judge, and if it had not legislators after Alkhtast permitted in Article 309 BC. A.. D.. M. and comments below, or paragraph 6 of Article 272 BC. A.. (D). K and other statutes not scrutinize it, the opportunity is taken to correct the sentence issued ignored. The head of one of the philosophies constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme court in the first place, considering the number of judges in order to avoid Unity judges decision will be more equitable. Mnvnh indicates that the performance is better thought of an idea to be evaluated. Secondly avoid a degree of maturity and an opportunity to correct errors in order to restore the rights of the true owners of the judges, which is encouraging. What is clear is that the selection and appointment of words in terms of equations forming different words with different meanings would cultivar. It is the position of lofty rhetoric of rights than some other fields that error can occur if no financial lives are threatened rather not be unjustly Not Guilty ruling right. Apart from the law, some authors Tzry delinquent if not, there will be no excuse for them not petty, Mzmt are not entitled to an acquittal of the signed contract and the same unwritten literary-social society.
Basically every law student knows that to achieve low error on the Judiciary and the Legal judgments in the future with regard to differing conceptions of low defect depends on several factors: 1 - primarily based on what the goals of the university? 2 - What professors have studied before, the experience gained is what? 3 - what is written and what is read. First, based on the wants and needs of each person varies depending on the purpose, capabilities and more or less personal efforts to achieve their aspirations could be expected. Second, the professors are generally rare except in cases where two or more teachers for each subject is introduced Mhdvda students not involved in the selection of teachers inevitably the case of apprenticeship mentor is always the topic of surrender experiences He reached out of our discussion. But what we discussed and thought and written reviews which though generally more or less the same as the name of the semester, but the authors they are always working in change the Falsafe all changed succumbs the without students or reply GHANE remove the are received. For example, if the previous semester, the course of civil rights. 3 (contractual obligations) of the mentor book of Professor N. consistory doctor learned of another author's book to other students because of the increased public authorities must acknowledge that the scientific view of the book is a lower level professor spend? Moreover, the university's policy that other authors should also be introduced to some books written by the author encourages his students to be admired and been the subject of a separate discussion, the emphasis we also have the same thing. But the students are eager and willing teacher introduces the book, but the book is more or less equivalent, at least in terms of academic level or below, but be negligible not to enjoy the level incomparable.
In the end there will not be a problem on college textbooks. Unfortunately, sometimes a book is to introduce students to the principles discussed in those days, was not in accordance with law, a student makes a mistake about the topics discussed, in particular, the books in writing to the students of when do not have. For example, the Criminal Procedure Code book that is a book that introduced one of the last semester before restoring Prosecutors time (before 7/28/81) written in accordance with the laws Akhyraltsvyb not available, certainly in this book are a discussion of Authority The prosecution did not present them to continue to provide graduate students with the opportunity to study the frequency and volume of non-curricular college textbooks have to be familiar with the duties of the public prosecutor. Such cases can not be reasonably denied by lack of attention to students realize there is an unjust law. Unfortunately the law student is confronted with a serious problem, sometimes a book is to introduce students to the university, which unfortunately is not only the author but also the researcher's book reviewed in line with what the states did not have time to browse the book, even if they Surprisingly the ductility has stated numerous mistakes in the words and phrases can be seen that needs reflection.
One of the books discussed in the book Business Law (Volume II) Author doctor Hassan praised Tehran Tehran University professor, doctor Syed Ali Syed Ahmad Sajjadi R suspension faculty member of Tehran University (Publication of Justice), which unfortunately surround students PNU Law Khvdkhvan because of course in commercial law and not to correct errors in the book written by the teachers themselves until the errors discovered are not mistakes are bigger. Although errors are briefly discussed below may be evaluated from the perspective of some friends, but public opinion is insignificant book which is defined as the study of law with regard to the importance of academic books in this series of words that were studied Tfsyla necessarily have been innocent mistakes, whether it be minor or serious mistakes, according to some friends.
1 -   In paragraph 5 of page 40 of the book, it says: [the Declaration Underwriting Underwriting and give the location is determined, usually a bank's equity commitment will be valid ...]. As can be seen in the underwriting announcements "equity" was mentioned and if it is still not to the share of contribution to the person or persons to be there. Articles 12 and 14 of the Commercial Code, adopted on 12.24.1347 stipulates that:
Article 12 BC. (D) "within the period specified in the notice is underwritten fans go to the bank and sign the sheet commitments stock and the amount must be paid in cash will receive confirmations and receipts."
Article 14 BC. T.: 'sliced ??in two versions share pledge arrangement and underwriting of the date signed or legal surrogate, she received the first copy of the second edition of the shackles was held with the bank, and the way of the underwriting banks sign and seal surrendered be. "
In these two articles, and many other materials of interest in commercial law properly underwritten and underwritten at the "stockholder" is not addressed. Therefore, paragraph 5 of page 40 of the book Business Law (Volume II) Author doctor Hassan praised Tehran's use of the term "equity", which still owns a share in the underwriting stage, there does not seem correct.
2 - Materials 210 and 211 of the Civil Code concerning the capacity of the parties, provided that the authenticity of the transaction:  
Article 210 - parties must have the capacity to trade.
Article 211 - People of the parties must be mature and brave.
Doctor Mohammad Moin, source of fake "important [AS. Importance]" means that it is important and necessary.
Third row of page 41, the book states that: [the underwriting must be of legal significance, but also can be incapacitated by his legal representative to participate in underwriting ...]. In the words wrong, instead of the term "capacity" of the most important legal issues concerning the transactions, the word "important" is written. Therefore, with regard to the differences in the two Mntvq and the term "capacity" and "importance" and that the law of "legal significance" to the enjoyment of the rights on the qualities a person has no legal concept rather than teach students to participate in underwriting capacity do not bet the wrong words "Legal Matters" teaches.
3 - On page 64 of the book discusses the final lines of the [... stock prices for companies that invest a minimum of   Not exceed 29 thousand riyals, 50 riyals, etc]. Article 28 of the Commercial Code provides: "If the capital of the Company shall not exceed Two Hundred Thousand shares or parts of shares is not less than fifty riyals ..." Therefore, the issue of capital documentary Mnvnh of the Commerce Act states As has been discussed in the book The Thousand Two Hundred Thousand Never has 29 digits.
4 - Selection and appointment of the laws conjunctions "or" and the word "and" is of particular importance. Conjunctive "or" the law is often used as Bdlyt word "and" between two example sentences provided by law is actually applied to both the penalties, the purpose of the legislator, if the conjunction between the two penalty prescribed "or" shall bear the punishment of the offender is one of its two legislators have been considered. Accordingly, the selection and appointment of the right words including the impact on life, property, freedom and dignity of human beings, the use contemplated by legislators, judges, authors, lawyers and vital as it turns out. In the last three lines of the last line p. 118 books Business Law (Volume II) Hassan praised Tehran's doctor wrote: [Shrktnamh .... Later in the Official Gazette or ad is one of the most widely circulated newspapers ...] the words wrote the letter "and" the word "or" was used. This means selecting one of the two official newspapers or mass-circulation newspaper, the ad was Shrktnamh, however, based on the laws and the fourth row of the companies discussed p. 123 ad in the official newspaper ad in one of Ksyralanshar newspapers are provided. So he put the word "or" was added to its removal seems necessary.
5 - Page 218 of the book referred to in Article 38 of the Commercial Code, as are just [Article 38 - formation of corporations can not be implemented until after the entire capital of the company has been. In addition, if the stock or its components is fifty riyals Thdknndgan must pay its way, and Ella be ...]. Contemplated in Article states to scrutinize and the term "stock or parts of it is fifty riyals," suggests that the words have no meaning, understandably, is whether legal or otherwise. Comparing this expression with the matter, we find that legislators intended the term "waste" omitted, those words are incomprehensible, the correct phrase is: "If the shares or parts not waste fifty riyals Thdknndgan I need all the money to pay it. "
6 - Page 219 of the book Corporate Crime has recognized the new French law, 2 term in the last paragraph of "lack of" is omitted. This is exactly the statement of [non-compliance with the registration and notice things that need to be registered and listed capital of the company on all documents. The final phrase "and the insertion of the company on all documents" positive action has come to mind, however, that "not included on any type of investment company documents," and the current account leave lawgiver respectively. Although the first two words, "and" Turning   But the use of the term "non-compliance with the relevant provisions" of the sentence beginning "ad matters that are required to be registered," argument has been removed symmetrically re-Removal word "no" at the beginning of the end "type of investment company listed on the on all documents "not worthy of a change in the sense that it seeks. Therefore, the correct phrase is: "non-compliance with the registration and notice things that need to be recorded and non-recorded capital of the company on all documents."
7 - In the final lines of PS 226 and PS 227 Elementary   Business Law Book (Volume II) Author doctor praised Hasan Tehrani   Tsd incomprehensible words have been written in order to understand students' topic 'liability claims relating to directors' have caused. Mrqvmh is as follows: [... damage may be one or more of its shareholders or the shareholders of the Company and the claims may be damaged, or which self the claims regarding the dispute which detection as company or the company is very difficult.
8 - Many different phrases in place of the writing of the book discusses desirable not to mention that they wear an eye. Four times as the verb "to be" in two consecutive rows even in short sentences, repetitive actions every reader's affinity such that it offends Honestly and truly a book with many errors and lack of good literature, not in dignity The lofty position of respected authors and not Drshan students inevitably be made ??in the presence of such a writing apprenticeship, unbeknownst to learn. Mention some errors in the first volume of this book is also ignored, certainly what is today referred to as "type stuff" is called the frequency of words and phrases, is not immune from mistakes, typing and publication of the axioms in is any area. Even typing the first edition of this book review paper on Business Law (Volume II) by author, Hassan praised Tehran's doctor was full of numerous mistakes corrected by re-editing, special attention and consideration of what is certain is desirable in the final version of the text typed Even after the release of its owner's nothing Tzry "typographical errors" is not acceptable, especially if what is published in academic books.
Finally, although perhaps from the perspective of a group of friends, such references seem unnecessary, but the errors in the book refers not only to some range of the stewardship of Persian literature, but do not contemplated Negaresh, the author and a researcher at respected students contents faced Mntvq and sometimes they oppose the concept words and phrases, and sometimes laws are in place to reflect, re-editing is required for students in the coming semester.

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