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International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination-Part 04(Final)


Article 14

    The Government recognizes, sits at the oppressor. Any petition or complaint about the state committee that is not attempted such a declaration, will be received.
    The rights stipulated in the Convention, the Government of the oppressor have been exposed to other ways of justice that have been trained, or to determine a reference.
    A declaration under paragraph 1 of this Article is a reference name that is determined under paragraph 2 of this Article or by the United Nations Secretary-General to submit to government and other governments Msharalyh copy it sends Convention. Identification can be declared at any time be withdrawn by notification to the Secretary General of the United Nations in extradition cases, but these petitions that the Committee had received to that date will not be effective.
    Whenever reference in accordance with paragraph 2 of this Article, or the satisfaction of the complainant or the complainant to provide the complainant has the right within six months to inform the committee said.

Not accept the complaints committee, which is no explicit sign.

(B) within three months after notice of the provisions of relevant government complained that the necessary explanations and statements may have been taken to clarify the issue and will elect to be notified in writing to the committee cycle.

    and the resort is placed using this rule in cases involving religion Mvad long for justice to be unreasonable, does not apply.

Committee for its suggestions and recommendations to inform the person concerned and shall occur.

    Committee and, as appropriate summary description and a summary statement of the relevant governments and their suggestions and recommendations will be published in the annual report. 

Article 15

    To achieve the objectives of the United Nations Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and contained in resolution 1514 (Volume 15) General Assembly dated December 14, 1960 the provisions of this Convention, any nation in the enjoyment of the right to justice and that the complaint or of other international instruments The United Nations and specialized agencies have been granted to them should be no restrictions.

Copies of the reports of the competent bodies of the UN Committee on the legislative, judicial, administrative or any other action that is directly related to the principles and objectives of this contract by the administering Powers and Territories Mzkvrh in part (a) of this paragraph is received their opinions and suggestions will be made to the bodies.

    Committee reports to the General Assembly contains a summary of the petitions and reports from United Nations bodies, petitions and reports the opinions and recommendations of the Committee will be mentioned. 

Article 16

Contract provisions stipulating that in case of dispute resolution and complaints should be taken without damage to other ways to resolve disputes and complaints about discrimination in the fundamental documents of the United Nations or its specialized agencies or the establishment of Snad 

Section 3

Article 17

    Shall be open.
    This Convention shall be ratified and the ratification of the UN Secretary-General will submit.

Article 18

    The current contract for the accession of each of the states mentioned in paragraph 1 of article 17 shall be open.
    Accession with the Secretary-General shall submit the document of accession.

Article 19

    Twenty-Seventh Convention, the thirty days after the date of ratification or accession to the UN Secretary-General shall enter into force.

Article 20

    United Nations Secretary-General of text constraints and conditions that are likely to give governments time to ratify this Convention or accession to all States to sponsor, or received, and Dooley will notify in writing which may be incorporated into the contract. Each state is objecting to the conditions within ninety days after the date of the notice shall inform the Secretary-General discussed the condition is not all.
    Qaylh constraints and conditions can be withdrawn at any time to inform the Secretary-General written notice of receipt of valid and will be valid. 

Article 21

To sponsor, a State may terminate this contract by written notification to the Secretary General of the United Nations.

One year after receipt of notice of termination to the Secretary-General shall take effect.

Article 22

to vote provided that the parties have not agreed on another solution.

Article 23

    Each State may at any time to sponsor, in writing of the Secretary-General may call upon an appeal in the present contract.
    The UN General Assembly will elect about measures should be taken in case such a request, will decide.

Article 24

United Nations Secretary-General to inform all of the following details in paragraph 1 of Article 17 This Convention shall Mzkvrh states:

A signature and ratification or accession in accordance with the agreement of 17 and 18.

The date of this Convention under Article 19.

C. Announcements and declarations and correspondence received from the material 14 and 20 and 23.

The cases terminated in accordance with Article 21.

Article 25

    The present contract that English and Chinese and Spanish and French and Russian texts are equally authentic, it will be recorded in the archives of the United Nations.
    UN Secretary-General certified copies of this contract for all classes that Dooley Mzkvrh in paragraph 1 of article 17 is to be sent.

The contract includes an introduction and twenty-five of the contract attached to international law to eliminate discrimination of any kind.

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