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International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination-Part 02

Summary:International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination-Part 02

Article 4

Government to sponsor, any kind of propaganda and organization of thoughts and theories on the superiority of one race or group of individuals who have a certain color or ethnic origin, or be inspired by hatred and racial discrimination of any kind and shall recommend or encourage Condemnationshould be considered.

States Parties undertake to sponsor, particularly that:

segregation of offenses punishable by law of the announcement.

C to allow local authorities or public institutions of the country or not to persuade or encourage racial discrimination.


Article 5

The basic obligations contained in Article 2 States Parties undertake to prohibit racial discrimination in any form is and if uprooting themselves and each person's right to equality before the law and especially the enjoyment of these rights, without distinction of race or color or nationality or ethnicity ensure.

A. The right to equal treatment before the tribunals and other organs that are responsible for administering justice.

The right to security of person and protection against rape and physical injury from government officials or any person or group or organization.

(D) Other civil rights, particularly:

    Movement and residence within a country's right to choose
    Right to leave any country including his homeland and return to its leaves
    The right to a nationality
    Selecting the right to marry and his wife
    Ownership rights either individually or in association
    Inheritance rights
    Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion;
    Freedom of opinion and expression;
    Right to freedom of association and peaceful communities

The economic and social and cultural rights in particular:


2. Right to form trade unions and their membership

3. Right to Housing

4. The right to public health and medical care and social insurance and social services

5. Right to education and vocational

6. Participation in cultural activities with the same conditions


And the right to access or service is offered to the public such as transport hotels, restaurants and cafes, theaters and parks.


Article 6

Government to sponsor, for all persons subject to its jurisdiction against any type of discrimination that human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals against the provisions of this contract, violating the equal protection and an effective way to trial courts and other national competent authorities shall provide competent country and the right people at the fair and appropriate compensation Mtalbh compensation and damage caused by segregation into which shall be guaranteed.

Article 7

Human Rights and the UN Declaration on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and the provisions of this contract, effective measures, especially in the field of education and culture are the usual news broadcast.

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