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America's role in Syria's crimes

Summary:The terrorists killed 1,000 people in opposition to Syrian President Assad

Russians believe that the main cause of America Alhvla crimes and espionage services were related to the West.
  While the Americans with scenario building and use of mass graves in Syria's hands these paintings are going to be acquitted of their crimes in Syria, but political authority in Russia believe that terrorist squads sponsored by the inhumane actions West has been done.

According to the Associated Press, Putin, who has traveled to France in Paris during a news Kfrans said: We are required to follow any partnership to succeed Kofi Annan plan and the Annan mission outreach in the judgment, we will achieve the opposite results.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin following talks with Fransyv Avland, Kofi Annan plans to return to Syria as the best way he knows to be solved.
Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyvganvf Russian politician, said the massacre Alhvlh; plot information from Western politicians, "and also make it a" provocative act openly, "he said, strongly condemned and demanded an international investigation of the crime .
Sooner or later, he believes, will reveal that this massacre as in Yugoslavia, Libya and Afghanistan occurred, West is linked to intelligence agencies.
Russian Communist Party leader as well as Western countries due to rapid Athamzny against the Syrian government is to blame.
On the other hand, results showed that the Syrian government in the massacre of anti-government armed groups, operating more than 1,000 people, including dozens killed are women and children.
Paris news conference, Putin said sanctions are the right solution is not always the most important issue that should prevent the situation getting worse. Damascus also wants to resolve his inner turmoil is through dialogue and diplomatic methods. But insurgents and Syria on April 12, Kofi Annan's plan for a cease-fire agreement had been broken several times and its commitment to Bashar Assad said he intends to stand against.
Fragh rebels with wings and with complete equipment in a terrorist attack Syrian military and security forces. Putin also criticized the West's position, arms aid to the rebels condemned.
According to the statement that is sent from the Syrian Ministry of Interior, Syria explosions occur every day during the period of time is unprecedented unrest in Syria..

In this statement is that, more than 1,000 kilograms of explosives in the recent explosions have been used by terrorists.
Indeed, despite the West considers arming insurgents and civilians in Syria is to the detriment of public safety and give rise to increased violence, but the West has long supported terrorist groups toward militarism.
Political pressures and security during the last days of the "Damascus" manner has increased quite significantly. Syria in the most shameless acts of terrorism to kill women and children in the rural city of Homs has spread through burning down houses.
Yet outside the borders of this country, America's military Joint Chiefs of preparing America's military action against Syria and sent to the G8 member countries, including America, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Spain and Italy - Ambassadors Syria was expelled from his country.
An official report indicated that the Syrian government officials set up information centers in neighboring France and Syria - that Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey - to educate and service of those who attempted armed Zdsvry Ghyrsvry their major and a member of Al Qaeda are. It is interesting that a few days before the incident Alhvlh, killing a senior al-Assad and other Syrian government declared a terrorist obligatory Arabia - Wahhabi - 450 thousand dollar reward for the assassination of Bashar said.
Syrian political process dates back as far as the government is largely gone.Data base with new parliamentary elections and run past Persian date Ordibehesht 16 is formed on this basis. But Americans need to resort to military action against Syria's way of speaking.
Bashar al-Assad of Syria unrest financial support, information, intelligence and Arabic countries and western arms of the armed collections outlined and said despite the mobilization of all our enemies in Syria, Damascus, the Syrian people's support, all their plots and Libyan mercenaries, eating rations, Tunisia, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and ... It has failed.
America speaks explicitly of military intervention in Syria
The Los Angeles Times, America's Defense Minister Leon Panetta on Thursday on his way to Singapore to attend a defense conference spoke, said America's military intervention in Syria without UN permission to Tsvrnyst.
America's defense minister announced that any military action against Syria's support and approval of the United Nations, showed that the White House's plan for military adventure against Syria.
Panetta in 9-day trip to Asia after Singapore, Vietnam and India to go.
America's defense minister also urged the international community to pressure Syria and said America's Army ready for any emergency action against Syria, and will check all the possibilities.
The American authorities without reference to his role in the continued unrest and instability by supporting armed groups in Syria, said the situation is intolerable.
Syrian crisis, including issues which were discussed in meetings and consultations are Singapore's defense.
The statements of American officials, while America's ambassador to the UN in Syria, saying that America threatened military intervention outside the framework of the UN Security Council members and the Annan plan may have the option to review.
framework of the UN and Kofi Annan have the option to review.
At least three hundred tons of security officials, a number of experts and defense ministers meeting in Singapore in the Asian countries come together. Leon Panetta's defense minister arrived in America on Friday to speak at the Asia Security Conference in Singapore.
German news agency reports from Singapore, one of the sessions of this conference is considered the world's top security.
Los Angeles Times reported on a trip to Singapore Panetta wrote:
America to discuss the role and express their power in Asia after a decade of war and bloodshed in the Middle East entered a new stage has problems. Now the Obama administration to convince its allies based on increased commitment Vrqbay militarism in Asia and Msm is serious enough.
Panetta said the Pentagon warships and 8 other new ships will add to the Pacific Fleet in 2020. It expressed concern that more power should be in areas where there is increasing political influence of China's military and nuclear stockpile, where North Korea has more panache.
Leon Panetta, speaking during a meeting of Asian defense ministers said the Obama government to ensure that all partners in the effort to travel to this region in November, a new note in your agenda and not a political spin.
He also insists that with a renewed commitment to America, other countries to cooperate with America to preserve the world's major shipping lines.
Panetta new achievements in this conference to increase America's influence in the region's marine and announced to increase the technological capabilities of our forces and see an increased presence of security forces. Advanced new weapons systems such as fighter currently under development as the F_35 speed attack submarine Virginia has power.

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