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Domestie Violence

Summary:Domestie Violence
Annually many crimes are commited against women in all over the world that government or responsible organizations are silent. Just in one state of brazill called Marran Haw during 1989-90 more than  400 women complaint againt men for beating , velification and sexual abuse. From all just 300 has entered to the court, and among those 300 just two af them has condemned.

Here we can’t say that human rights are not breached.these violances against women  with the hands of subjects and the silence of government is an exact sample of human right breaches that is commited not by the subjects but by the government because the person just did a crime that should be investigated to find the reason But when the governments are silent against such crimes this is them who should be blamed for their reactions. They should answer why they did nothing.as if this is their duty to bring peace for citizens.

To confirm this theory we have brought a report by an expert of the united nations organization about some disapeared people’s destiny in chille: 
When it is proved that: ……. Government is silent for disapearance of some people which is related to some offendings reported by organs………. Government is responsible and should answer to public.

On whether the government is responsible for the actions of private individuals or not the european human rights commission has announced that According to Article 25 European Convention on Human Rights, Commission can only investigate complaints that are related to the actions of public officials.

By:masoud javadieh

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